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Encuentro Centroamericano de Software Libre - Guatemala 2012

Free software Central American Meeting, to be held on Guatemala 2012 is the Fourth annual regional meeting for Free and Open Source Software that calls the leaders of the communities on the region to share experiences and plan regionally ways on which the Free Software can be promoted on our region.

The focus is a mix of social agenda and technical sessions. It is common to find people from different backgrounds that one way or another have come to be free software activists.

Location and dates

  • Location: Centro Cultural Universitario, Centro Historico de Ciudad Guatemala.
  • City: Guatemala City, Guatemala
  • Dates: 2-4 / November / 2012

Event owner

Edna Rheiner


25 printed Live CD = $ 2.0125 * 25 = $ 50.3125 25 printed Instalation DVD = $ 2.30 * 25 = $ 57.50 Total = $ 107.82


User:Yn1v will prepare the medias and send those with any linux user going from Nicaragua to the event.