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[[Category:Ambassadors from the USA]]
[[Category:Ambassadors from the USA]]
[[Category:Ambassadors from the Netherlands]]

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Yaakov Meir Nemoy

Yaakov Nemoy is.


  • Email: [[MailTo(fedora-spam-bucket AT hexago DOT nl)] (moin encodes email addresses properly to anonymous users)
  • IRC: loupgaroublond on #smolt #fedora-admin #fvwm ##xteddy #xmonad
  • GPG key: CE5B D48E 9697 268E 4409 3827 B77F EB23 2E3F 0935
  • Fedora Account: ynemoy

Activities within Fedora

  • Work on Smolt and Smoon
  • looking to get started on packaging by helping out with the Haskell SIG.

Some Links

These are some links to pages I want to access regularly.