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Yousef SAADY
Yousef SAADY
Personal Information
Birthday: 25/05/1992
Home: Morocco
Fedora Information
FAS name: yousef
Fedora email:
IRC nick: saady
IRC channels: #fedora-ambassadors, #fedora, #linux
Fedorapeople page:
Miscellaneous Information
Private email:
GPG key: 562E6672
Homepage: [ ]
RHCE Certificate: [1]
RHCT Certificate: [2]

I'm a software engineering student from National School Of Applied Sciences (Ecole Nationale Des Sciences Appliquées (ENSA)),i'm trying to learn more about fedora project, i have the the pleasure of trying new things wich involve new releases of fedora every 6 months .we can say that it's a kind of passion. I have experience in what was referred to FOSS (i started using linux 4 years now).i always attend( the Moroccan Software Freedom Day. and some events that have relation with FOSS and IT.maybe it's(geekologie).i'm also a Maper in the OSM (Open Street Map) under the username(saady).


Other Contacts

  • Mobile Phone: 0665659527
  • IRC:saady
  • Facebook:saady yousef
  • Twitter:@SaadyYousef
  • Gmail: saadyyousef[AT]gmail[Dot]com

Activities within Fedora


i've just sent an invitation to the cvsl10n Group, i want to translate some fedora-docs and software to Arabic language, they sent me an answer, i'm working in translating some docs as a test to be accepted in the Group.

Fedora Ambassadors

I have also applied to be a Moroccan Fedora Ambassador.A Fedora representatif in my aim is to sens people about Fedora as an opensource OS, also to activate the Moroccan users community and to provide support.


  • Moroccan Software Freedom Day:i attended the Moroccan software freedom day, this year i hope to participate as a fedoren.
  • Open Source Day:every year all National schools of applied science organize an open source day. this year i took the initiative (with the help and support of my friends) to organize the First edition.
  • Computer Science Club:We create a Club within school, the main aim is to organize IT events and provide student with support to succed their events. i took the initiave to the be vice president of the club.

Software Freedom Day1.jpg ENSAH FSD1.jpg

Personnal Details


  • French
  • English
  • Arabic
  • Tamazight


  • Soccer
  • Jogging
  • Swimming

Food and Drink

i'm also a good cooker i know how to cook and prepare:

  • Moroccan tea: it's tea with mint in a teapot.
  • Tajine