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Zach Oglesby

Hackergotchi-Zoglesby.png XMPP:

IRC: zoglesby on freenode
GPG Key: 1378F79F
GPG Fingerprint: 9639 6A0C 55BE 7020 9D93 E4E2 22AE 2F5C 1378 F79F
SSH Fingerprint: 49:dc:d8:99:58:af:1a:5f:e1:09:56:25:bc:de:cc:a8
Extension: 5115089


Zach Oglesby is a Avionics Technician in the US Air Force, he spends his time between Delaware, USA and Rota, Spain. He has been using GNU/Linux since 2001, and wishes to see it used more in learning environment. Zach helped to start the now dead website and is currently working on While he can program in a few languages, Zach is more into the social importance of free software, as such he only writes code when its necessary. An example of this is his applet for using bluetooth headsets in gnome, and can be found here.

Around Fedora

Most of what I do is around documentation, I try and keep the Multimedia Beat as current as possible, I am also into Xmonad and Haskell, so I am currently looking for ways to help the Haskell SIG. You can usally fine me in #fedora-docs and #fedora-haskell.