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See sample stories at User:Asamaras/Fedora_Success_stories.

Desktop users

  • also OO project management and Database are cool
  • tour of Fedora by a 4/5/6/7 year old
  • using fedora as a home media server, keeping your music library or whatever there
  • kids at home playing internet-based games...
  • maybe someone putting together a cheap workstation for their kids etc.
  • fedora for designers (tablet meme!)
  • fedora for audio geeks (we have an audio/music list, podcasting, etc)
  • mobiles
  • using fedora to read my emailz with xyz
  • using PIM
  • also doing some thing based on the special fedora packages .. the robotics or whatever
  • ooh, yeah - the Mini SIG, the Moblin spin!


  • Olinux - college sysadmin created custom version of Fedora for dual-booting all engineering student laptops (both an IT story and a student-user/new-user story)
  • the Fedora Insight deployment is a Fedora user story, imo - being able to package stuff up, work with the community to deploy it, etc. is the *only* thing that's going to make FI possible to deploy and maintain
  • using fedora to run a phpbb server
  • mail server
  • listserv
  • apache


  • I think the "ianweller teaches professors at POSSE how to make packages" is a good one both in terms of "cool story" and "zomg this is hard for smart new contributors plz can haz make easier"
  • how FWN works
  • sdziallas's story of getting involved with the edu sig - maybe a few stories here, incl. making SoaS based on Fedora
  • "I found this bug and I reported it and look it got fixed" (qa/dev story)
  • "I packaged foobar in Fedora and suddenly my foobar program had a lot more users"
  • i found a bug and made a patch, also
  • I think bug-reporting needs at least 2 stories - one from someone who is a dev who could fix it, one from someone who isn't a developer
  • "how the 1-page release notes were made" (this can more or less copy-paste Mo's blog post, methinks)
  • for that matter, "how the website was redesigned"
  • something docs related?
  • and translations
  • maybe the story of a translation sprint
  • or a "wow, this is the first time I've used an operating system in my native language" story
  • the "how transifex got started" story is also a really good one
  • Luke Macken on "how we made moksha" might also be a winner
  • even the PackageKit story from last week might be good "here's how we deal with issues"