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User pages

Please move your user page RichardvanderLuit to User:Nippur as per Fedora Wiki guidelines. --Ian Weller 02:59, 19 January 2009 (UTC)

> Soz, Ian, but I am confused here now

The Translation-Quick-Start-Guide clearly states:

2.9. Introducing Yourself

Once you have edit access on the wiki, create a personal page. at a URL like this: This is very useful for Fedora contributors to get to know and contact each other.

Since i have gotten wiki edit access by signing up at with username nippur, i log in at the wiki as nippur, and have made a personal page as stated in 2.9 of the TQSG. Please inform me what Fedora Wiki guidelines you refer to. -Richard 13:24 19.01.2009 (GMT +1)