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== '''[[Who am I?]]''' ==
'''I'm a fedora user Portuguese, which I appreciate very much. I live in Ponta Delgada (Azores), where there are lots of computer users. I am currently studying computer engineering to follow, something that I really enjoy.'''
== '''[[My web projects]]''' ==
Right now I am moderator of the forum TugaTech, a Portuguese technology forum. I am the user "unon". You can see my work as moderator on this link: []
Despite not having a site of my own, I am creating a blog about Linux.
== '''[[Chats I frequent in IRC]]''' ==
Right now, I'm not attending any of IRC chat, because in Portugal this kind of chat is not widely used.
I am now thinking about attending the Fedora IRC to help others who may nessecitar my help.
== '''[[What I do for Fedora?]]''' ==
I think Fedora is a Linux distribution with the potential to gain many users around the world. I would love to represent the Fedora operating system in the Azores islands. Also want to help in improvements in each version of Fedora. If you receive any request for help, receive it with pleasure. Just ask me.
== '''[[Contacts]]''' ==
If you need my help, contact me by mail:
I am sure I will be available to help you, or mores near me or elsewhere in the world.

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