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The following paragraphs are provisional content during the (doc) migration from dist-cvs to dist-git is happening.

Here is a basic table of equivalent commands:

cvs checkout libfoo fedpkg clone libfoo Note that branches are not separated out by directory with this command.
To switch to a different branch with this layout, run: fedpkg switch-branch f13
cvs checkout libfoo (ALTERNATE) fedpkg clone -B libfoo This command creates the same branch/directory layout that was used with cvs.
cvs update git pull fedpkg will get a pull soon.
cvs commit . fedpkg commit -p
cvs commit -m 'breaking things' . fedpkg commit -m 'breaking things' -p
cvs commit -F clog . fedpkg commit -F clog -p Use the contents of file "clog" as the commit message.
make clog fedpkg clog Create the "clog" file from the %changelog of the specfile.
make tag N/A Explicitly tagging source states for package builds is no longer necessary.
make build fedpkg build
BUILD_FLAGS="--nowait" make build fedpkg build --nowait If you don't want to wait for the build to complete before freeing up the shell.
make prep fedpkg prep
make chain-build CHAIN='foo bar : baz' fedpkg chain-build foo bar : baz Just like before, the current directory package is always added to the end of the CHAIN list.
make scratch-build fedpkg scratch-build
make local fedpkg local
make x86_64 fedpkg local --arch x86_64
make upload FILES='apollo starbuck' fedpkg upload apollo starbuck Remember, this adds new source files without replacing others.
make new-sources FILES='red_fish blue_fish' fedpkg new-sources red_fish blue_fish This replaces any existing source files.
make help fedpkg -h
./ libfoo-1.2-3.src.rpm mkdir libfoo
cd libfoo
fedpkg import libfoo-1.2-3.src.rpm
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fedpkg commit -p

Some links related to dist-git:

Some links related to the actual migration to dist-git:

  • [[]]

Basic changes:

  • fedpkg replaces make
  • git replaces cvs

Some links needing migration follow. Note that after migration texts might better refer to generic SCM instead of a specific name like cvs or git:

This list probably is not complete.