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If you're going to be away and you need someone to watch your packages and/or you want to let people know you won't be responding to email then add an entry here. Please remove your listing when you return.

Name Fedora Username Start Date Return Date Notes
JohnBabich jmbuser 2008-03-30 2008-04-20 Vacation, limited availability
KevinFenzi kevin 2008-05-26 2008-05-30 vacation, some network access
KostasGeorgiou georgiou 2008-02-11 2008-03-10 Holidays, limited network access
PeterGordon pgordon 2008-05-28 2008-06-03 Visiting family on the east coast. Entirely offline.
Nils Philippsen nphilipp 2008-05-31 2008-06-29 Vacation, at best spotty internet access
JochenSchmitt s4504kr 2008-04-21 2008-05-25 Totally offline
JulianSikorski belegdol 2008-04-26 2008-05-10 No internet access
SebastianVahl svahl 2008-05-23 2008-07-15 Final exams at university. Limited availability.
Ian Weller ianweller 2008-06-01 2008-06-07 Family vacation in Chicago, not sure about internet access
  • Please keep sorted alphabetically by name
  • Please use ISO-8601 dates (YYYY-MM-DD)