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If you're going to be away and you need someone to watch your packages and/or you want to let people know you won't be responding to email then add an entry here. Please remove your listing when you return.

Name Fedora Username Start Date Return Date Notes
Kevin Fenzi kevin 2008-10-17 2008-10-26 Traveling, will have net, but may be less responsive
Kostas Georgiou georgiou 2008-09-5 2008-9-30 Vacation, almost entirely offline
Nigel Jones nigelj 2008-10-27 2008-11-04 Moving to Brisbane - will be online every now and then but I can't guarantee when
Nils Philippsen nphilipp 2008-10-18 2008-10-25 Vacation, offline
Parag Nemade paragn 2008-10-17 2008-11-04 Vacation, Not sure If I will be online depends on If I will get any Internet connection
  • Please keep sorted alphabetically by name
  • Please use ISO-8601 dates (YYYY-MM-DD)