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Beefy miracle just released! We hope you've taken a large bite already (Tofu Miracle for the vegetarians :P)! We sure have <BURP>! Ah! Much better! With that out of the way, we'd like to announce the FEDORA VIDEOS CONTEST! Yes! A contest! What do you win? Well, wait up Flash! All right, nothing to hide there I guess: a Fedora T shirt and goodies! Did that get your attention then? I sure hope it did.

The contest is really simple: we want you to make us a video. Rather, we want you to make a intro/outro template that we can use for the Fedora Videos project. "What is the Fedora Videos project", you ask? I'm getting to that. So, that's all you have to do:

   * Make a intro + outro template that a video can be
      prefixed/suffixed with
   * Shine it up, real nice. Add some barbecue sauce maybe?
   * Put it up somewhere: dropbox/
   * Email us and let us know!
   * Wait.. wait.. wait.. to find out if you won yourself goodies!

Now, since we're going to use your template for quite a few videos, all of the fedora videos project actually, we request you to license your material accordingly: please use CC by SA.

Yes. I still need to tell you about the Fedora Videos Project! We have lots of community videos strewn around the interwebs. Some on Youtube,others on Vimeo, others are just hosted some place. They aren't really well organized, and so, it's difficult to find them when you need them.What we're trying to do is to take all these, add proper titles,subtitles, translations, licenses and place them at one location( so that everyone can find and use them. That's where the contest comes in. We want a good intro/outro template that we can easily modify and use for the videos that we put up. Makes sense now, doesn't it? There's more information on the wiki page(link). If you want to eat some hot dogs with us while making community videos, come right in (link to mailing list mktg)!