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Fedora Women

Fedora Women aims to provide a central forum and point of support for the often under-represented side of Fedora's Community.

A large portion of the Fedora userbase is made up of women. They are often under-represented within the community, with many people not even realizing how big a share of the community they are. The Fedora Women program aims to improve that representation and to provide a forum for the women of the Fedora Community.

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Communicate and Get Involved

The fedora-women-list mailing list is available for email communications. Full archives are available.

The #fedora-women IRC channel on freenode is always available for live chat.

Women of Fedora

Lady contributors to the Fedora Project can add their wiki homepages to the CategoryWomen category. The CategoryWomen page can be used to locate them, along with other Fedora Women pages.

Joining the Fedora Project

Women who are interested in working with the Fedora Project can work with Fedora Women to get started. They can also work through the Fedora Mentors project to get assistance for every step. For more information about working with the Fedora Project, see these resources:


Other Resources

  • LinuxChix is a community of women working with Linux.
  • GNOME Women is a group dedicated to providing encouragement for women to contribute to GNOME.
  • KDE-Women is about building a community of female KDE contributors and users.
  • The Debian Women Project seeks to balance and diversify the Debian Project by actively engaging with interested women and encouraging them to become more involved with Debian.
  • Ubuntu-Women is a team functioning under Ubuntu to provide a platform and encouragement for women to contribute to Ubuntu.
  • Centroamericanas is a group of women working with Free Software at Central America. They have reached beyond the region. This is a Spanish speaking group.