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Writing a how to page on the wiki is straightforward.

Create a page name that describes the content and is a natural language phrase

For example, the name of this page is Writing how to documentation on the wiki.

More information on page names is at Help:Wiki structure.

Put your how-to content in to the page

Try to be clear with your writing, it will help the wiki writers and editors who help improve your article/page.

Don't be afraid to read and understand the Help:Editing page.

Don't forget the next step, it helps your content be found by wiki editors and readers.

You can put an optional DRAFT header to warn readers

Put this template call at the top of your page:


This also helps wiki contributors find your page as linked to the draft template.

Add your page to at least two specific categories and any other relevant ones

At the bottom of your content, put these two categories, each on its own line:

[[Category:How to]] [[Category:Draft documentation]]

The first puts your content in the Category:How to for readers to find. The second puts your page in the Category:Draft documentation for wiki contributors to find and help improve.




Now you have a how-to page that you can reference, it will gain improvements from wiki collaboration, and you have added to the collective knowledge on the canonical Fedora wiki.