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Fedora Xfce


The Fedora Xfce Spin is focused on providing a complete, well integrated Xfce desktop.


Detailed Description

The Xfce Spin showcases the Xfce desktop.

Benefit to Fedora

The Xfce Spin is of great value to users on older/slower machines as well as a number of folks that just prefer it to alternatives. It also works well as a base for users who wish a even lighter desktop setup.

Kickstart File;a=blob_plain;f=fedora-livecd-xfce.ks;hb=master

ISO Name / FS Label

ISO name: Fedora-$release-$arch-Live-Xfce FS-Label: Fedora-$release-$arch-Xfce


Xfce is already in Fedora, as are all the shipped plugins and applications.

Scope / Testing

  • Spin should boot to gdm and allow Xfce4 as the session.
  • Automatic login should occur and leave a user at the base Xfce desktop
  • Basic Desktop functions should be tested: Launching applications from menu, changing background, switching desktops.
  • Basic adding plugins to the panel should be tested with the included plugins via alt right click on the panel.
  • nm-applet should be available in the default panel and function as per it's tests
  • The default Xfce launchers on the bottom panel should all work and launch their indicated applications.
  • On idle, gnome-screensaver should launch and lock the screen.
  • On logout, Xfce should ask to save your session and do so if indicated.

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