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Andy Green

I design hardware and software for a living, for over 20 years.

Currently I am working on an embedded linux distro for Arm based around RPM, and telephony-related devices using it. The distro grew out of the necessity to ensure all sources were captured for GPL compliance. It's easy to underestimate the practical difficulties in really trying to be compliant as part of the system rather than ad hoc, RPM really solved this problem for us.

I am an RHCE, all my PCs here run Fedora and others I am responsible for run CentOS.

I have written fair to large amounts of code in


I have designed with Xilinx for almost 20 years, since the 2064s.

I have designed smartcard SoC silicon.

I have done some Xbox hacking in the past and amongst other things wrote the Cromwell Clean BIOS to allow Linux booting by reverse engineering the hardware init from the original one.

I have tried to like Gnome but I find KDE enables me to do more.


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