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GRUB can no longer boot the release version of Windows Vista, Unless a Unique Identifier is keept in the MBR.

Idea: Idea.png I was thinking that a option in Anaconda that reads "Windows Vista System" so Anaconda can install GRUB in a way that does not stop Vista from booting?

  • Anaconda could dd out the unique identifier from the MBR and then let GRUB install its self then reinsert the UUID?

Be warned if you are planning on doing a dual boot

It is recommended to use these steps to backup your MBR untill more is known!


[ PAGE to be UPDATED ] Very Soon!

Before you install bring up a Live CD/DVD and mount a USB pen, for example:

$su -

Now make a copy of your MBR to it like so:

Where /dev/sda is your HDD. N.B. This also makes a backup of your partition table as that is stored in the MBR, if you just what to copy th boot loader code then use:



chainloader +1

No longer works.

Common Errors that are Displayed


The file /Windows/system32/winload.exe can not be found or is corrupt.
  • This means that windows can not find its own boot loader in the MBR, it must now do some kind of sum check ?

Idea.png Other unknown issues more to be added...