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This work is in progress!

vFADs for Ambassadors 2017

These are the firsts sessions of this vFADs. We will be planning over this 3 topics:

Session Objective Speaker Date
The Fedora Community: What is? How to Contribute? To know and understand the main parts, areas, teams and/or sub-projects in the fedora project. To know the different ways to join teams. SIGs and WGs Eduard Lucena 09-Feb-2018
The Four Foundations What are the Four Foundations? What mean each one? How to speak about the spirit of the 4F? TBD 09-Mar-2018
How to be a good ambassador? To be a successful ambassador we need to know a lot of things not related to the project itself, but about how to request budgets, how to organize an event, swag creation and request, the reimbursement process, and other. TBD 13-Apr-2018