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This page is for planning Cloud SIG activities for FUDCon:Blacksburg_2012, Jan. 13 - 15, 2012.


[edit] Attendees

Put your name here if you're a Cloud SIG'er who is planning on coming, and list when you're arriving/departing (I don't want to plan a huge thing for Sunday if we have a huge group of folks leaving mid-way through the day.)

  • Robyn Bergeron | Arriving Jan. 11, Departing Jan. 16, 11:05am
  • Russell Bryant | Arriving Jan. 13 (afternoon), Departing Jan. 16 (morning)
  • Mo Morsi | Arriving Jan 12, Departing Jan 15
  • Jay Greguske | Arriving Jan. 13 (afternoon), Departing Jan. 15 (evening)
  • Marek Goldmann | Arriving Jan. 11, Departing Jan. 17, staying in Wytheville (1hr drive from Blacksburg)
  • Dan Prince | Lives in Blacksburg
  • Your name here!
  • You too!

[edit] Possible Activities

[edit] Hackfests

  • OpenStack hackfest
  • [Aeolus] hackfest - simple deployments to the cloud using Aeolus on Fedora
  • [Snap!] hackfest - writing more snapshot backends for Fedora-instance cross-cloud deployments

[edit] Workshops

Want to teach people how to do things or help people get things installed? Maybe this is the spot to list those things.

[edit] Barcamp sessions

Planning on pitching something? List it on the Proposed barcamp sessions page, but feel free to add it here too, for grins and giggles.