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This page contains instructions on running the feed for DistroCentral at, the Linux Foundation's community aggregation site.

Group membership required
To run these processes, you must be an approved member of the fedoraldc group in the Fedora Account System. You need not be a member of the group to tag feeds for inclusion. Tagged feeds will be inspected and edited by the editorial group before they are posted.

Tagging material

Coming soon. We are working on a way to tag arbitrary material for inclusion. However, this is not a trivial problem. Currently only posts to the Fedora Planet are included in the raw feed. Posts are selected by editorial based on richness of content and appeal to a wide audience beyond the Fedora Project.

Uploading material

All the materials needed are stored on the servers. Log in via SSH, and then change directories:

cd ~pfrields/ldc-submitposts

To update the information being sent to the site, run the following command: