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Kadischi: User Contribution
BR Materials here are strictly under development and testing.BR BR Their usage in Kadischi might be possible if they are moved to ["Kadischi/Development"]
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[wiki:Self:Kadischi/Development Development]

Table of Contents



Vesa Codes fo Isolinux

Here is the entire table.

Colours 640x480 800x600 1024x768 1280x1024 1600x1200
256 769 771 773 775 796
32,768 784 787 790 793 797
65,536 785 788 791 794 798
16.8M 786 789 792 795 799

Booting other Devices

To have isolinux boot a local hard drive or other device, use the following targets:

Device isolinux target
Next boot device localboot -1
First floppy drive localboot 0x00
Primary hard drive localboot 0x80

Create your own splash.lss

convert -colors 16 default.png default.png

pngtopnm < default.png > splash.ppm

ppmtolss16 < splash.ppm > splash.lss



see ["Kadischi/Development/boot"] The use of splash.lss is also described there.


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