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This webpage is based in various notes and concepts I've taken from my "Market Studies" classes and pretends to cover some very basic principals regarding surveys, questionnaires and so on. I'm trying to make this a non-technical oriented document.

Principals of Surveys and Questionnaires

When the elements of the targeted population for a study are high the entire process can be very long and usually translates into very high costs. In this cases, Marketing professionals try to set a sample of the population which shares the key characteristics that are to be studied. The process should contemplate the following:

  • Definition of the Survey Unit
  • Sample Dimension
  • Processing of Sample selection

Definition of the Survey Unit

Sample Dimention

Processing of Sample Selection


Dimension and Structure of the Questionnaire

Question Categories

Errors to Avoid

Questionnaire Methods

Postal Inquiries

Phone Inquiries

Face-to-Face Inquiries

Inquiries by Observation

Sources of Mistake

Sampling Errors

Information Retrieval Errors

Data Mining and Analysis

Interdependency Relational Methods

Dependency Relational Methods