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We need some help converting this to taskjuggler format!

Cleanup the wiki from the obsolete marketing cycles		start of cycle	start of cycle+1wk

Cycle the wiki pages to the new release                      start of cycle	start of cycle+1wk

Alpha Readiness Meeting				mtgdate			mtgdate         

List potential talking points and feature profiles			Feature freeze		Feature freeze+1wk

Decide format (podcast, video, text, etc) and provider (Docs or News) for each talking point and feature profile		Feature freeze+2wk	Feature freeze+3wk

In-depth feature profiles from 0% to 75% completion			Beta availability-6wks	Beta availability-2wks

Contact News beats people about topics/features we cover          as soon as feature profiles are 75% complete	that date +1wk

Drafts of talking points completed		beta availabiity-3wks	Beta availability-2wks

Beta Readiness Meeting                                     mtgdate	mtgdate

Open the call for release slogan suggestions                  beta readiness mtg-1wk	same

Release slogan selection                                 beta readiness mtg+1wk		same

Finish the in-depth feature profiles                     beta-2wks	beta

Meet with RH Brand to discuss additional/supplemental RH-provided marketing materials that may be coming out (video, press blog, etc)	alpha	alpha+1wk

Brief FAMSCo on talking points and propagate link to Ambassadors	beta-2wks	beta-1wk

Update the press kits                                    beta-1wk	  general avail-6wks

Final release slogan is ready for websites/design            beta readiness mtg - 2wks	same

Update and freeze the screenshots page                                    beta availability	+1wk
Update and freeze the Fedora tour page                                    beta availability	+1wk

Brief News Distribution Network on tour page and other marketing materials created to date		beta-1wk	beta+1wk

Monitor community news sites and provide corrections and additional information as needed		beta-4wk	gen availability + 4wk

Final Readiness meeting                              mtgdate	mtgdate

GA Day social media explosion sprint                                               date	date