Meeting:Board strategic working group 2010-04-05

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Roll Call

User Base

  • Paul did a new rendering: (SVG also available)
  • Paul: Can we show impact or pressure or network effects between different groups?
    • John: why is it important to show that?
      • Paul: Could be included in separate diagrams
  • Chris: previous diagram showed a cut-off line and a group that was not in the user base
    • Paul: will look for a better way to include that
      • difficult to make point of "permeable membrane" between participants and non-participants
  • Mike: should we be grouping enthusaists with content creators?
    • Paul: Should just say "Ambassadors" here -- people who don't necessarily create content but are important to the Project
  • Chris: are blue colors to be interpreted as Fedora?
    • Indicates areas we are doing well
  • John: our original goal was to create a diagram that clearly explain what do we need to do next? Are we getting too far off track by focusing on creating a diagram?
  • This topic was discussed at length (~ 1.75 hours)
  • While it would be nice to have a default offering that meets everyone's needs, Fedora doesn't have the resources to do that
    1. Fix first section of
      • Members should make edits and changes before end of business on Wednesday
    2. Propose for acceptance by the full board

SWG Spins Pages Resolution

Default Offering

  • Paul made changes have been made as requested by Board members in IRC meeting on Thursday 2010-04-01
  • We did not have time to discuss at the meeting
    1. SWG agrees to review this page and provide feedback outside of the meeting by Wednesday so that the whole board can review and accept.
    2. Full board review and accept the content of this wiki page

Next Meeting

  • Monday, April 12, 2010 @ 15:00 EDT