Meeting:Fedora News 2009-10-13

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Fedora News Project Meetings: 2009-10-08


Fedora Insight WYSIWYG Status

Docs has been working on packaging an editor for FI on zikula to add formatted text, and which we hope will support HTML styling for references, etc. Mel will bring us up to date on their progress.

Fedora Insight Schedule: Decision first FWN on FI

Fedora Insight is going live beta on October 14th, a Wednesday. We could enter beats from the issue from that previous Monday, or we could wait until the following weekend and add our beats directly to FI. Discuss pros and cons.

Establishing Accounts on publictest6 for Beat Writers

If you don't have a zikula account yet, you can establish one for yourself[1]

  1. Fedora_Insight#Check_it_out.21

Cutover practicalities from wiki to zikula

We've discussed on the list some of the things that are requirements and things that would be nice to have in terms of wiki referencing for users, packages and pages, etc. Discuss practicalities of what to do based on editor capabilities.


Wiki name Comments
User:pcalarco I'll attend and lead both meetings
User:Mchua Attending the first meeting, possibly attending this one if schedule allows