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The purpose of Infrastructure voting is to ensure a more transparent organization while making decision making more grounded and easier to understand. Not all decisions in Infrastructure should be voted on. This is an attempt to make decisions easier to make, not add bureaucracy to the system.

Remember, any voting done or decisions made by the Infrastructure Team can be overruled by the Board.

Proposing a Vote

First think about whether or not the topic in question is really voting material. If it is, create a ticket in the ticketing system: This is where the results will be posted.

Voting Template

Please use the following template:

Time Span:





Mailing List Vote

Some votes can be done via the mailing list. First create a ticket and find at least one person willing to sponsor the vote. Sponsorship just means that yes, this should be voted on and does not imply that someone is actually in favor of the topic. Next *before* the scheduled start listed in the ticket send an email to the Fedora Infrastructure List.

Voting should be done in the ticket as a comment.

IRC Vote

Voting can also be done via IRC. First create a ticket just as above. Under "Time Span" simply list the date of the meeting. All IRC votes have an automatic 5 minute life that starts at some point during the meeting when it is discussed. Also under "keywords" put the word "Meeting" so the vote does not get forgotten about.

When the vote is finished the results should be posted to the ticket and the ticket should be closed.

How to Vote

Voting in infrastructure is a little different then most groups. Anyone who has a Fedora Account is allowed to vote but not everyone is created equally. Those with a stake in the environment they're supporting have more of a vote then those who do not. This is for sanity sake.

1. When voting it is acceptable to give a reason why one is voting the way they are though it is completely optional. For example:

+1 - I think that this will initially cause us a great deal of work but will work out in the long run

1. +/-1, +/-2 - Giving a +/-1 or +/-2 for a vote is an indication of support or opposition for the topic in question. Anyone with a Fedora Account may give a +1 or -1. Those with sponsorship status in any sysadmin-* group or in sysadmin-main are allowed to give up to a +/-2 for a vote.

1. +0 - A +0 officially means you abstain from voting. It is similar to not showing up at all though some may give a reason why they are voting the way they want.

1. +p - A +p is a vote to postpone the vote until a later date. Typically this will be associated with a - "we need more info" message.

After the vote is done everything is added up. If the vote is positive, the vote passes. If the vote is 0 or negative the vote does not pass. If there are more +p's then positive or negative votes (exclusive) then the vote is postponed and must be rescheduled.

The Spirit of Voting

Don't forget that the spirit of voting is to make things happen. Its important not to let the system bog the group down.