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  • Previous meeting follow-up
  • Fedora 19 Beta status/planning
  • Test Days
  • Open floor

Previous meeting follow-up

  • martix or adamw to write a Graphics Test Week recap email - still not done yet, unfortunately
  • tflink to write a list post announcing the blocker bug proposal webapp - not done yet
  • brunowolff to update the FE guidelines to reflect the agreement (see above) - this was done
  • adamw to look into Test_Day:2013-04-30_MariaDB lack of participation and see if we should re-run it - not done yet
  • kparal to ensure abrt and sssd test days have live images ready - this was done, images were available for both events
  • adamw to do some promotion for the test days - blog post and forum post and twitter done

Fedora 19 Beta status/planning

  • Beta TC4 was already under testing, some significant bugs found
  • Beta freeze was scheduled for 2013-05-14; next goal was to build an RC ASAP

Test Days

Open floor

  • GNOME 3.8.2 update was expected to land soon, and needed karma so we could try to get it in ahead of Beta freeze
  • Desktop team was still working on getting the spin below the size target
  • LXDE will continue to target 700 MB, cwickert to work on slimming it down
  • nirik was working on Xfce spin size

Action items

  • martix or adamw to write a Graphics Test Week recap email
  • tflink to write a list post announcing the blocker bug proposal webapp
  • adamw to look into Test_Day:2013-04-30_MariaDB lack of participation and see if we should re-run it
  • brunowolff to re-test bug #909473 and re-open if it's still bad


adamw #startmeeting Fedora QA meeting 15:02
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adamw #meetingname fedora-qa 15:02
zodbot The meeting name has been set to 'fedora-qa' 15:02
adamw #topic roll call 15:02
* jskladan lurks 15:02
adamw calling all rolls 15:02
tflink roll! 15:02
* mkrizek is here 15:02
* pschindl is here 15:02
* brunowolff is here 15:02
* Viking-Ice is here 15:03
jreiser jreiser lurks 15:03
* satellit listening 15:03
adamw morning folks 15:04
adamw #topic previous meeting follow-up 15:04
adamw bit of a bumper crop here 15:04
adamw #info "martix or adamw to write a Graphics Test Week recap email" - still not done yet. we suck 15:04
adamw #action martix or adamw to write a Graphics Test Week recap email 15:04
adamw tflink to write a list post announcing the blocker bug proposal webapp - I believe you did that? 15:05
tflink I don't think I did 15:05
tflink nope, I don't see one 15:06
adamw ah, well you suck too 15:06
adamw #action tflink to write a list post announcing the blocker bug proposal webapp 15:06
adamw "brunowolff to update the FE guidelines to reflect the agreement (see above)" 15:06
brunowolff #link 15:06
adamw great job of legibility there, me 15:06
adamw #info "brunowolff to update the FE guidelines to reflect the agreement (see above)" - this was done, see 15:07
adamw thanks bruno! 15:07
brunowolff I didn't get any feedback from the message posted to the test list. 15:07
adamw "adamw to look into Test_Day:2013-04-30_MariaDB lack of participation and see if we should re-run it" 15:07
adamw brunowolff: it looked fine to me, so no action needed...i guess everyone else was the same 15:07
adamw yeah, I didn't do this one either, good lord, I need to read my action items 15:07
adamw #info "adamw to look into Test_Day:2013-04-30_MariaDB lack of participation and see if we should re-run it" - not done yet 15:08
adamw #action adamw to look into Test_Day:2013-04-30_MariaDB lack of participation and see if we should re-run it 15:08
adamw #info "tflink to write a list post announcing the blocker bug proposal webapp" - not done yet 15:08
adamw "kparal to ensure abrt and sssd test days have live images ready" - do we have a kparal? 15:08
Viking-Ice adamw, it's simple no point in re-running it 15:08
adamw no kparal, okay 15:10
adamw let me take a look 15:10
adamw #info "kparal to ensure abrt and sssd test days have live images ready" - this got done, by the looks of things, both pages have live images listed 15:11
adamw #info "adamw to do some promotion for the test days" - this was done, i got blog posts and twitter messages out: 15:11
adamw #topic Fedora 19 Beta status/planning 15:11
adamw So, any particular notes on Beta, anyone? we'll be hitting freeze soon 15:12
adamw #info Beta TC4 is currently under testing, some significant bugs found already 15:12
Viking-Ice adamw, promotion means handing it out to marketing not private blog post that nobody reads 15:12
jreiser gdm greeter to gnome shell does not work on non-3D cards. Bug 955779 graphical desktop does not start. 15:12
Viking-Ice ( or some or few people read ) marketing should just handle that stuff for us 15:13
brunowolff cwickert asked about images for the non-desktop spins on the spins list. I said that for alpha/beta nightlies should be used. 15:13
jreiser There is a rumor of gnome 3.8.2 arriving on Tuesday, perhaps fedora-branched on wednesday. Wait and see? 15:15
adamw jreiser: did you create passwords for your test users? 15:16
adamw jreiser: well, not a rumour, we're trying to get it done ahead of the freeze indeed 15:16
jreiser yes, I have passwords. This is an alpha that has been updated daily. 15:17
adamw i'm pretty sure that "ERROR:gdm-slave.c:1094:_get_uid_and_gid_for_user: assertion failed: (username != NULL)" is what I saw when I tried creating a user with no password via g-i-s (it was entertaining) 15:17
adamw hum, then probably something different 15:17
adamw can you try and reproduce with a clean install? or not practical? 15:17
jreiser OK, I'll do a clean install from TC4. 15:17
adamw has anyone else seen this one? 15:18
brunowolff Bug 955779 sounds pretty similar to what I was seeing after gdm/gnome-shell got fixed enough that they didn't crash while using llvmpipe on non-SSE2 CPUs. 15:19
robatino 955779 looks like my 946964 15:20
adamw brunowolff: ah yeah, what was the bug# for that? 15:20
robatino thanks for that, i'll probably mark mine as a dupe - my video is nvidia btw 15:20
jreiser No crash, but no transition to desktop. just all gray, everybody waiting. 15:20
brunowolff I am not sure. I was just looking, but I think it got closed since the crashing part was fixed, even if things were still pretty unusable. 15:21
brunowolff I'll look harder. 15:21
adamw brunowolff: i remember the bug yeah, i'm just blanking on the # / title 15:21
jreiser strace shows 1st "can you do 3D" gets a no, but 2nd ask gets a Yes. 15:21
adamw 15:21
adamw jreiser: see my latest comment 15:21
adamw brunowolff: doesn't really look the same, but certainly possibly related 15:22
brunowolff Yeah, 909473. I think the reported problem was different, but the state after the fix seemed a bit similar. 15:23
jreiser adamw: 909473 last comment is a question "open new X bug or not?" If that will help, I'll do it. 15:23
adamw jreiser: well to me it doesn't, really, but I might be reading it wrong... 15:24
adamw jreiser: I think we'd best wait for gdm input at this point 15:24
brunowolff I also was using an ATI 9200 for some of the testing. 15:24
brunowolff I haven't look at it much since, because it takes a lot of messing around to test, since my old slow to boot machines have been switched over to kdm/xfce. 15:25
jreiser Ok, I'll try clean TC4, then wait for gdm 3.8.2 15:25
jreiser I see same trouble on xfce, too. 15:26
adamw jreiser: i _think_ your issue may simply be a clean report of what happens with a blacklisted 3D adapter at present 15:26
adamw now I come to think of it, I'm not sure we have any other bug report for that case 15:26
adamw jreiser: have you tested GDM/GNOME with the laundry list of cards in c#13? 15:26
adamw i'd guess it'd work better with those? 15:26
jreiser 955779#c13 gives exact status on all cards as of April 23. "3D" cards pass, "X does not support 3D" cards fail. 15:28
halfline jreiser: re 955779 do you have gnome-initial-setup installed ? 15:30
adamw jreiser: Xfce and lightdm behave completely differently from GNOME and gdm in this regards, so that comment is more confusing than enlightening 15:30
adamw it's strange that they seem to respond 'the same' for you, but the actual code paths are pretty different 15:31
adamw lightdm doesn't have any form of '3D test' because it doesn't need to care 15:31
jreiser Please restate what you want me to try. 15:31
adamw (afaik anyway) 15:31
adamw jreiser: try the combination of GDM/GNOME on all those cards, rather than lightdm/Xfce 15:31
halfline i'd personally like you to try yum -y install gnome-initial-setup 15:31
adamw only because I know the maintainer would want the same; they do not behave the same at all 15:31
jreiser So far I have installed default gnome first, then "yum groupinstall xfce-desktop". 15:32
jreiser I get gdm as greeter. Both gnome desktop and xfce session fail to reach desktop. 15:32
halfline ahh interesting 15:32
jreiser That's why I believe the problem is in gdm. 15:32
adamw jreiser: comment #13 talks about trying the Xfce live image. what I'm saying is that that tells us nothing about gdm's behaviour 15:33
adamw i just wanted to know how your different adapters/machines behaved with GDM. 15:33
adamw clearly you have a problem with GDM on the 9200, but I wanted to clarify if you saw it with any other adapters. 15:34
jreiser I believe that "X11 supports 3D" implies that gdm+gnome works, and gdm+xfce works. 15:34
jreiser The problem is "x11 does not support 3d" implies failure of gdm greeter. 15:35
adamw anyhow 15:35
adamw i think we have Top Men on the case now 15:36
halfline jreiser: gnome-session does this little dance at startup 15:36
halfline where it first runs check-accelerated and sees if it succeeds 15:36
halfline if it fails, it forces software rendering 15:36
halfline and then runs check-accelerated again 15:36
halfline the second run should always succeed 15:36
halfline that's why you see it twice in your trace 15:36
halfline it's not able to do accelerated rendering the first time around 15:36
halfline so it's falling back to software 15:37
adamw #info Beta freeze is tomorrow, 2013-05-14; next goal is to build an RC ASAP 15:37
halfline let's chat in #fedora-devel 15:37
jreiser halfline: yes, that is what I see. This is Pentium4, has sse2. problem is no desktop after that dance. 15:37
adamw thanks halfline! 15:38
jreiser halfline: going to #fedora-devel 15:38
adamw brunowolff: so the behaviour on non-SSE2 CPUs is still as bad as described in 909473 > 15:38
adamw  ? 15:38
brunowolff I need to retest. 15:39
brunowolff But the last time I tried, gnome wasn't really usable. 15:40
adamw ok, could you do that? and if it's still bad let's just re-open the bug to try and trigger ajax's attention 15:40
adamw #action brunowolff to re-test 909473 and re-open if it's still bad 15:40
adamw okay...anything else to cover on the f19 front? 15:41
adamw #info GNOME 3.8.2 is coming, we will try to land it in Beta just ahead of the freeze' 15:41
brunowolff Even if it gets fixed, my CPUs aren't really good enough to make gnome pleasant. I'll probably be using xfce for the rest of the lifetime of these machines. 15:41
adamw still, it'd be good to have it fixed 15:41
* satellit will this break cinnamon? 15:41
adamw satellit: will what? 15:41
adamw GNOME 3.8.2? I'd hope not; it's a bugfix release 15:41
satellit gnome upgrade 15:42
satellit fyi cinnamon works at this time 15:42
adamw yeah, I know, I tested it 15:42
brunowolff Isn't it landing the day of the freeze? 15:42
Viking-Ice let's hope it get's included in beta 15:43
brunowolff That's not much time to get it tested and into stable. 15:43
adamw brunowolff: yeah, I know, I'm going to try and co-ordinate getting karma on it 15:44
adamw if we don't make it, though, we'll file an FE bug 15:45
adamw #topic Test Days 15:45
adamw #info went ahead and we got some good results, though not much testing outside of RH's Brno office 15:46
adamw #info went ahead and looks like there was a good amount of testing 15:46
adamw #info NetworkManager test day has been postponed to 2013-06-04: 15:47
adamw anything else on test days? 15:47
adamw Martix_: is everything in hand for next week's? 15:48
Martix_ no :-( 15:48
adamw oh dear :( what's the problem? 15:48
Martix_ note: NM test day has been moved to 2013-06-04 15:49
adamw yeah, I noted that 15:49
adamw hence "next week's" 15:49
adamw AnacondaNewUI Followup and Thermostat are scheduled for next week 15:50
Martix_ I must admit I don't have much time until June for Test Days :-/ 15:50
adamw ah 15:50
adamw in that case, any help with wrangling the remaining May test days is appreciated, I'll try and help out 15:50
Martix_ adamw: thank you 15:50
Martix_ adamw: btw I suggested to reschedule MariaDB TD, but I'm not sure if they can get more testers 15:52
adamw #topic Open floor 15:52
adamw we've got 8 minutes for open floor before exciting blocker review fun starts up in #fedora-blocker-review: anything to discuss? 15:52
kalev I have collected a few fixes that should help get the desktop live media closer to the target size 15:53
* satellit wait for blocker review for FE requst 15:53
Viking-Ice so what we are going to include the gnome 3.8.2 in beta or not? 15:53
kalev I'll send an email to the test list a bit later, would be awesome to get some testing & karma to have them included in the Beta release 15:53
kalev (waiting for one more build) 15:53
adamw Viking-Ice: i'm hoping we can. if we can get it done ahead of tomorrow, fine. if not, i'll file an FE ticket and people will have to vote on it 15:54
adamw Viking-Ice: if you and I each submit karma once the update is in, then we only need one other person :) 15:54
adamw (assuming it actually works, of course) 15:55
adamw #info GNOME 3.8.2 update should be landing soon, please test and file karma so we can try to get it in ahead of freeze 15:55
kalev we'll need some releng coordination to get an updates-testing push once the update is ready 15:55
adamw kalev: i'll ask releng to do that, but people can get it from bodhi in the mean time 15:55
kalev hard to test otherwise 15:55
Viking-Ice adamw, yeah well doing so we risk breaking and delaying beta 15:55
kalev cool 15:55
Viking-Ice not doing so we risk mass duplicated bug report from users 15:56
adamw Viking-Ice: i think it'd be ok to get it in the first day or two of freeze, after that it'd be worrying 15:56
adamw but if we co-ordinate we should be able to get it done today/tomorrow, so hopefully no problems 15:56
adamw #info desktop team is still working on getting the spin below the size target 15:57
Viking-Ice what about the rest of the spins? 15:58
Viking-Ice did you hear something from cwickert regarding lxde size ( FE ) 15:58
adamw oh, good point. no, I haven't, has anyone else? 15:59
adamw notting thinks the DVD might squeeze under size on the next compose, so we're keeping an eye open for that 15:59
adamw #info no word on LXDE spin being over size, we believe the DVD may make it under size on the next spin 16:00
* nirik has been working on Xfce. we are down to deciding about browsers. 16:00
adamw #info nirik is working on Xfce spin size 16:00
nirik I'll do something today with it, so we should be back under size tomorrow. 16:01
adamw blocker review starting up right now over in #fedora-blocker-review, folks 16:01
adamw so let's set the Patent Fuse 16:01
cwickert  ??! 16:01
* cwickert never heard of it 16:01
cwickert is it oversized? 16:01
adamw cwickert: 16:01
adamw oh, damn, i missed that it's assigned to bill :/ 16:01
adamw do you want to re-assign to yourself? 16:02
adamw robatino: in future it'd be good to CC the maintainer of the spin on 'spin oversize' tickets 16:02
adamw or assign it directly to them 16:02
nirik perhaps those should be against livecd-spinname? 16:02
cwickert I will take care of this 16:02
adamw yeah, probably 16:02
adamw thanks cwickert 16:02
adamw good thing we caught it ;) 16:02
cwickert however I want to say it sucks we are getting fatter and fatter with every releasee 16:03
cwickert at some point we should consider removing esoteric input methods and fonts nobody needs 16:03
cwickert anyway, too late for f19 16:03
nirik yeah, I have no idea which of the i18n stuff is important. 16:03
nirik  :( 16:03
cwickert none? :-P 16:04
nirik well, I mean some of the dictionaries or fonts... are they required to make things work? or just an extra? 16:04
cwickert #info LXDE will continue to target 700 MB, cwickert to work on slimming it down 16:04
robatino i reassigned to LiveCD-LXDE 16:05
cwickert thanks 16:05
cwickert move on please 16:05
cwickert and thanks for the heads-up, adamw 16:05
adamw nirik: do ask the i18n folks. it sucks when people rip stuff out unnecessarily 16:05
adamw cwickert: thank viking 16:05
cwickert thanks Viking-Ice! 16:06
adamw alrighty folks, everyone over to blocker review, thanks for coming! 16:06
adamw #endmeeting 16:06

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