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What is ResultsDB

ResultsDB is a system designed to hold the results of tests executed by the Taskotron framework.

ResultsDB is only a system for storing test results, different 'frontend' apps can be created using ResultsDB as a data source. These frontends could be anything from a simple tool aggregating recent results for builds, or anything more complicated like a tool for gathering test-related metrics (historical fail/pass ratio of a specific test in a Fedora release, failure rate of critpath packages etc.).

Current state

At the moment, there are two versions of ResultsDB.

  • Legacy version - first incarnation of ResultsDB, still required for tools like TestDays App, or AutoQA <>.
  • Current development version - intender for the Taskotron project. Reimplemented to provide JSON/RESTful api, and quite slimmed down, in order to remove the relics from the primary draught.

Current development version

The project is split into these parts: