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(Irregular) Fonts SIG status reports to Ambassadors/Booth questions
Ambassadors/BrazilBlogs to Ambassadors/Meetings/2010-01-10
Ambassadors/Meetings/2010-01-11 to Anaconda/HowItWorks
Anaconda/HowToTest to Architectures/ARM/F20 Release Announcement
Architectures/ARM/F20 Release Status to Archived:G11N/vFAD Translation F25 Packages
Archives:Docs release standard operating procedures to BalajiPonmudi
BalajiRao to BrunoWolff
BryanElliott to CategoryAmbassadorsAustria
CategoryAmbassadorsBangladesh to Changes/Login Screen Over Wayland
Changes/Lohit2 Odia Telugu to ChristophePolyte
ChristopherAillon to Coolsagy
Copr Meeting Logs to DeanHolland
DebarshiRay to Distribution/FreeMedia/F8/April
Distribution/FreeMedia/F8/December to Docs/Drafts/AdministrationGuide/Servers/DNSBIND/BINDreferences
Docs/Drafts/AdministrationGuide/Servers/DNSBIND/ClientConfiguration to DocsProject/Tasks/SELinuxDocs
DocsProject/Tasks/SIGSupport to ENSOL 2006
ENSOL 2008 to Event Wiki Template/es
Event Wiki Template/it to Extras/SteeringCommittee/Meeting-20071115
Extras/SteeringCommittee/Meeting-20071119 to F22 Alpha release announcement
F22 Artwork to FESCO
FESCo to FSA/FC6/FEDORA-2007-561
FSA/FC6/FEDORA-2007-563 to FWN/Issue275
FWN/Issue276 to Features/FirstClassCloudImages
Features/FirstClassCloudImages/KojiPlan to Features/PowerManagementF17
Features/PreUpgrade to Fedora-JBoss-Spin
Fedora-Student Mentor Programme/Draft to FedoraEvents/OpenExpo/OpenExpo2009 Zurich
FedoraEvents/OpenExpo/OpenExpo2010 Berne to Fedora 19 Mass Rebuild
Fedora 19 Maven Rebuild to Fedora Round Table
Fedora Round Table:Budapest 2011-8-27 to Fonts spec template comments
Fonts spec template comments/build to FrancoisAucamp
FrankArnold to GSOC 2013/Student Application malinthasa
GSOC 2013/Student Application malinthasa/Event management system(467) to Gfs
Gholms/review template to How to debug DeviceKit problems
How to debug Dracut problems to I18N/Meetings/2011-07-07
I18N/Meetings/2011-07-21 to ISOP:TRANSLATE
ISOP:TX to Infrastructure/Server/publictest05
Infrastructure/Server/publictest06 to It IT/Releases/13/Features/KDE44
It IT/Releases/13/Features/KDE PolicyKitOneQt to JohnPoelstra/FeatureTemplate
JohnPoelstra/ImproveRawhideF10 to Koji/EPELSupport
Koji/ExternalRepoServerBootstrap to L10N Meetings 2007-06-26
L10N Move To Zanata to Licensing/FSF Unlimited License
Licensing/Fonts to LuyaTshimbalanga
LuyaTshimbalanga/AnacondaGUIEnhanced to Marketing life cycle
Marketing meeting to Modularity/Getting Started/Building modular things/The package
Modularity/Getting Started/Building modular things/The stack to No Frozen Rawhide coming soon
No frozen rawhide announce plan to Pa IN/FedoraMain
Pa IN/FedoraMain/GetFedora to PackagingDrafts/Fonts packaging automation (2008-11-18)
PackagingDrafts/Fonts spec template correction: fontconfig (2008-10... to Perl/perl-Kwiki
Perl/perl-Sys-Virt to Pt BR/Drafts/Projects/LiveCD/GNOME
Pt BR/Drafts/Projects/Revista/Piloto to QA/Fedora 22 test days
QA/Fedora 23 test days to QA/TestCases/LUKS Select encryption (fs on partition of RAID device...
QA/TestCases/LUKS Select encryption (using LVM block device) to Refind
Refreshing document POT and PO files to Release Party F19 Greece
Release Party F19 Hanoi to Releases/FeatureFedoraKDE/KDELiveCD/LocalizedVersions
Releases/FeatureFedoraKDE/KDELiveCD/PackageList to Ru RU/Logo/UsageGuidelines
Ru RU/Man-pages-ru to SIGs/Fonts/Packaging/SpecTemplate
SIGs/Fonts/Public Font Lists to SIGs/PHP
SIGs/PHP/Koschei to Security Team Hall of Fame
Security Team Mission to Status and microblogging SOP
StavrosGiannouris to Summer Coding 2010 student application - Jiawei Sun
Summer Coding 2010 student application - Joe LaBarbera to The 4 key causes of SELinux errors (20090503 Classroom)
The Road to Ruby 1.9 to Twitter sop
Tycho to Virtualization Quick Start
Virtualization bugs to YoshihiroTotaka/News
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