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descDate Name Thumbnail Size User Description Versions
17:39, 27 April 2016Fedora-council edu-logic-model1.png (file)805 KBMarkdude (Reverted to correct version as of 17:10, 27 April 2016 )5
03:41, 4 March 2015IMG 4644.JPG (file)102 KBMarkdude (Penguin Suited)1
03:23, 4 March 2015MarkDude Hotdog wave2.gif (file)42 KBMarkdude (Ode to Beefy Mircale.)1
06:10, 12 May 2013BAMFbot.gif (file)133 KBMarkdude (Temporary logo for BAMF)1
20:53, 25 May 2012Ryan Singer.jpg (file)17 KBMarkdude (Ryan Singer; Fedora Ambassador. Member of Bay Area Mentoring Fedorans- BAMF. Project Lead, Peace Markets at Stanford Peace Innovation Lab. co-founder at OpenDocument Fellowship. )1
18:03, 10 January 2012F16 gathering.JPG (file)174 KBMarkdude (Aaditya Bhatia, Chris Whitehorn, Phillip Tribble at Fedora 16 after release party.)1
17:57, 10 January 2012CourtneyBDraper.jpg (file)367 KBMarkdude (pic from SELF showing Zareason hardware)1
04:53, 28 December 2010FuManchuGotchi.png (file)31 KBMarkdude (2nd gotchi)1
04:52, 28 December 2010FuManchuGotchi sm.png (file)31 KBMarkdude (2nd gotchi)1
04:51, 28 December 2010PenguinGotchi.png (file)5 KBMarkdude (Hackergotchi pic)2