Summer coding 2012

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Google's Summer of Code 2012

This year, Fedora is the mentoring organization for 9 projects.


Project Summary Student Mentor
On-Demand Fedora Build Service Amit Saha dgilmore, Brian C. Lane, Tim Flink
Semi-automated system implementation for FWN astiando Buddhike Kurera
Fedora JBoss Spin Gerard Ryan Carlo de Wolf, goldmann
Fedora Audio spin Jørn Lomax Brendan Jones, Christopher Antila
Insight Use Cases for Calendar Lali Devamanthri tatica, Buddhike Kurera, Peter Borsa
Insight Use Cases: Microblogging and Events Rabi Shanker Guha Peter Borsa, Buddhike Kurera, tatica
Bringing the Cloud to the Fedora Desktop Samy mmorsi, Matt Wagner
Implement a survey infrastructure for the Fedora Project srineth Kevin Fenzi
IsItFedoraRuby Zuhao mmorsi, Matt Wagner