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The following metadata was found in MoinMoin that could not be converted to a useful value in MediaWiki:

  •  : You can just leave this here, it works
  • strip_copy_dir: = /data/test
  • copy_dir: = /data/test/etc/revisor

I am not sure if this page is completely out of date (someone should review that) but there was some incorrect information about removal of copyright notices which I deleted. Probably in an appropriately rebranded version some special global Red Hat copyright notices would no longer be present, but of course in general copyright notices applicable to still-existing copyrighted material should be preserved.

- Richard Fontana
  • This page is indeed very old. It was originally in Jeroen's personal space in the MoinMoin wiki, but it's been superseded for some time by newer Remix guidelines and accompanying guidelines for Fedora Remix mark usage. I'll mark it {{old}}</wiki>''' which makes it eligible for cleanup by the wiki janitors. --[[User:Pfrields|pfrields]] 22:11, 11 February 2011 (UTC) ** There are a few things in this page which might still be useful, like specific repo and kickstart stuff. Just a note for anyone watching this page who cares -- perhaps those should be separated out, or the page could be trimmed to just include the information not already covered in guidelines. --~~~~