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This Week in Fedora is a regular audiocast of interviews with Fedora contributors. Topics are of general interest to any audience and specifically Fedora users, participants, and contributors.

The main page for the show is with OGG and MP3 formatted media available (via web browser or RSS reader.)

The show is produced by Frostbite Media and sponsored by Frostbite Systems.

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Show archive

(Short URL for OGG RSS feed page, which is a fast way to get someone to the freest media for whatever is in the queue right now:

  1. Interview with Fedora Project Leader, Paul Frields (06/20/2010) OGG | MP3
  2. Interview with Mo Duffy, leader of the design team from the Fedora Project (06/24/2010) OGG | MP3
  3. Interview With Karsten Wade, Fedora Community Gardner (07/03/2010 ) OGG | MP3
  4. Interview With Neville Cross, Fedora Ambassador (07/03/2010 ) OGG | MP3
  5. Interview with Robyn Bergeron, head of Fedora's marketing team (07/17/2010 ) OGG | MP3
  6. Interview with Rex Dieter, leader of the KDE-SIG (07/24/2010 ) OGG | MP3
  7. Interview with Eric Sparks, leader of Fedora's documentation team (07/31/2010 ) OGG | MP3
  8. Interview with Juan Rodriguez, Fedora "Jack-of-all-Trades" (08/15/2010 ) OGG | MP3
  9. Interview with Ian Weller, Fedora contributer and Red Hat intern (08/22/2010 ) OGG | MP3
  10. Interview with Susmit Shannigrahi, leader of Fedora's Freemedia Program and Fedora Ambassador (08/30/2010 ) OGG | MP3
  11. Interview with Rahul Sundaram, Red Hat Software Engineer (09/05/2010 ) OGG | MP3
  12. Interview with Xorg Input Maintainer, Peter Hutterer (09/12/2010 ) OGG | MP3

Show notes

Episode 3 (Karsten 'quaid' Wade)

  • When Karsten mentions "" he meant to refer to "".