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Santosh Anantwal

Hi, my name is Santosh Anantwal and I am from India. I live in Maharashtra state, I am a CS Student of Swami Ramanand Marathwada University Nanded. I use Linux-fedora as my default OS. I love working in Linux .I have already started explaining to my friends about fedora and distributed various Linux distributions to many of my classmates. I started learning fedora from fedora 10. Since no help was available in my local area about Linux, I must admit that it was a steep curve changing from OS you already know to a totally different OS. but now as I Learned fedora it was more than than a joy to work in it. and now I want to apply my knowledge to help other fedora beginners so that they should not have any difficulties in learning fedora. It's being a five years since I am using Fedora now, And I want to contribute to FOSS and fedora as much as i can.


Mobile. 9175585566

  • Fedora Account: oochlya

Activities within Fedora

  • My wish is to join some fedora projects but these are future plans since I am beginner in programming .
  • I plan to involve in Fedora translation team to sharing in translate it to Marathi.
  • And i would like to be one of Fedora Ambassadors