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Jay vardhan Nahata

Hello , i am Jay Nahata , am an engineering student specialising in CSE . Since time immemorial whenever any person used to think of an OS all they could think of was Windows by Microsoft , but with the advent of concepts like Open Source software’s people can get better OS than windows with better functionality adapted as per the usage developed and tweaked by users itself. This is the power of Open Source, it can help ,from driving the economy to generate revenues to channel talents and thus my interest in this particular field .My zeest towards fedora developed lately when I was introduced to it by my fellow mate and i have been fascinated by it ever since and hope to be connected to it in times to come too.


Activities within Fedora

  • Would love to spread the awareness about open source.
  • Introduce the various softwares to the mass.
  • Conduct workshops on LINUX and various other softwares.
  • Create awareness and participatin drives in the city.
  • Since Chennai is untouched by this sector I would love fedora expand its base here .