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Akash Mukherjee

I am an undergrad student pursuing BE in IT at Birla Institute Of Technology, Ranchi, India My very first attempts with Linux were with Red Hat around 2003, I had several hardware problems and left it for some years. I switched over to SuSe then.I took a book of FC and have been using Fedora as my main OS ever since. My brother helped me a lot to fill in where my empirics learning had left voids. I have joined the local Fedora community here. I have also joined the local LUG (BIT Linux User Group). I am the chief website designer & creator there.I applied to become Fedora Ambassador.

Contact Data

  • E-mail: akashmkj.sp (at) gmail (dot) com
  • IRC: akashmkj


  • Location: Ranchi, 23° 13' 0" North, 85° 18' 0" East
  • Time Zone: GMT +05:30
  • Languages: English, Hindi, Bengali, Sanskrit, French (un peu).
  • Nationality: Indian

Projects as an Ambassador

  • Promote a monthly gathering where users that get Fedora installed from different install parties can get support. Working with local FOSS community we shall try to establish events. These will be an informal activity where people can get help face to face. I have been hanging Fedora posters and helping Fedora users.
  • Set up a local repository at our college. In the mean time set up a private repository for updates a give access to users that do not have internet and also to be used at install parties without internet access. College Authorities shown interest in this project, they are allocating server space for this.