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Full-length Constantin
Constantin Carrio
Hello, my name's Constantin Carrio. I live in France.

I'd like to help Fedora to grow :

I have already subscribed to the Marketing List, now I would like greater access to the Fedora Translators and People Persons as far as suggesting ideas that would make Fedora as popular as MAC OS X. I feel Fedora has a very strong future ahead as long as we put out an OS that is better than the Ubuntu OS.

To do that, even more innovative ideas needs to appear and develop.

I also would like to help market Fedora to people who only own Windows or OS X. I hope I can persuade them to try a Dual-Boot with Fedora so they too can enjoy the benefits of a free and Open Source OS. Another way to put out the word about Fedora, is each community donate a Fedora Install DVD/Live CD to the local Library and teach them how to install and use it. Together, we can make a difference, quoting a famous Sci-Fi character.

Onward and forward !


  • Email:
  • Fedora Account: Constantin Carrio[1]