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Ahmed M. Araby
Ahmed M. Araby
Personal information
Location: Benha, KB, ARE(Egypt)
GPG-Key: C093A41D
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fas-name: egydev
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IRC: egyDev on
#fedora #fedora-arabic #fedora-ambassadors
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Ahmed M. Araby

Hi, I'm Ahmed , I'm software engineer and sometimes Linux system administrator and sometimes Network engineer also or an office boy.

I'm interested in spreading Fedora among Egyptian society and specifically Open source culture

I like long distance walking, reading and writing and I love networking

I'll be the best in my career, anyone can be so :) as I think we are what we believe.

Me & Fedora

  • Member in FreeMedia group, You can ask me for media for free if you are near to me
  • Member in Fedora Ambassadors, Mentored by Robert Scheck
  • Arranged a few seminars about fedora and Open Source philosophy and will arrange more , If you need to arrange one CONTACT ME
  • Currently translating a few articles about fedora usage and others
  • Created fedrawi, which is a website about Fedora in Arabic.
  • Create Facebook group for fedora arabic speakers, I don't like facebook myself , But It's now the standard for communications !! , It will be a very good comunication tool.2012


  • CCNA_640-802, 2009
  • Bachelor in Communications engineering, 2010