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Firas Al Kafri
[[Image:|thumb|center|Firas Al Kafri]]
Personal Information
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Home: Amman, Jordan
Fedora-specific Information
FAS-Name: firaskafri
Miscellaneous Information
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About me

My name is Firas Al Kafri and I'm currently studying Computer Science in BAU I'm an "intermediate" software and web developer, I love coding and I love learning new things and it doesn't have to be about sth in specific, I'm interested in every detail about anything and everything, you can find me coding, cooking, playing guitar, fixing a car, studying, reading about history or even yielding :D :D

Besides studying I'm currently managing a Google Technologies User Group and working on a personal project.

Activities within Fedora

- Fedora Ambassador in Jordan

- In process to get all Balqa Applied University colleges all around Jordan to use Fedora in Unix/Linux related course.

- Promoting Fedora in Balqa Applied University.

- Plans for Fedora Days in universities and colleges around Jordan.

Supporting Fedora


  • Email:
  • Fedora Account: firaskafri