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About Me

My name is Robert Nunnally. I like to share.

I live with my wife and our shelter pal dog Beatrice in Allen, Texas USA, about 40 km north of Dallas. I grew up in a town called Gurdon, Arkansas.

I record Creative Commons electronica music under my artist name,Gurdonark. Folks use my songs in things ranging from youtube videos to cool documentaries. My goal is to use liberal licensing to help create and share works in a public commons. I believe that folks should work together to create a shared culture of freely-available literary, musical and artistic content. My sense of activisim is based on encouraging voluntary sharing. My music website is Gurdonark. I am active in the ccMixter community and the netlabel community. I release here and there on netlabels. My latest release, "Open Spaces", is on the Scottish netlabel, "We are All Ghosts". I am working on learning the Linux tools to make music.

Stops and Stations

I graduated from the University of Arkansas with a bacheor of arts in physics, but with a special emphasis area in English literature. I have a deep love of science combined with a lack of in-depth knowledge of very much of anything. I can get through the average dinner party with a science group without struggling too much in the conversation. I am more apt to program a string-art diagram in the Logo programming language than to create a fun new app in Python.

My day job is as an attorney. I got my law degree at the University of Arkansas at Little Rock School of Law. I am a founding partner in a small law firm in Garland, Texas, where I handle cases in the areas of commercial litigation, insurance company insolvency and intellectual property law. I got my California license during a decade-long stint in Los Angeles. I took the patent bar for fun, but then I found it useful. I do not prosecute patents but rather sometimes license them. I am not opposed to intellectual property laws, but instead I like to share.

Gadget Credo

I like to buy last year's gadgets at a low price and make magic with them. I like to run lightweight desktop environments like LXDE and Razor-Qt. I run Fedora LXDE on my desktop, Peppermint OS on my hobby laptop, and Porteus on USB for my "work" Windows laptop.

Favorite Things

I love spending time with my wife, watching and taking digital photos of birds, hiking in open spaces, playing tournament chess,riding my simple 7-gear Scattante Roma bicycle, and listening to and making music. My tastes run a bit small-scale and a bit ambient, and I love to find the intriguing amid the commonplace.

I love to learn, and I feel I can learn a lot here among the Fedora folks.

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