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Kris Thomsen
Location: Jutland, Denmark
Birthday: April 16th, 1991
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Kris Thomsen

Hi, my name is Kris and I'm 23 years old. I am from a little country in Northern Europe called Denmark.
I have used Linux for 9 years. And Fedora for 6 years (since Fedora 9).

Activities within Fedora

  • I am the danish maintainer of Fedora translation team. - The Fedora-specific packages is almost translated by now, but I will continue with the extra packages and so on - and check the programs to see if there is any errors I have made and edit them. I work close together with the danish Gnome translation team to make the best Fedora experience as possible.
  • I try to be a Fedora Ambassador. - I want to do Fedora more popular in my area, especially Denmark. I think I can do it more popular by making Fedora more visible to the Linux-users and up-coming Linux-users, and take around to Open Source/Linux events and speak with people who want to hear more about the Fedora Project.

Events I've attended

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