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Corey Sheldon
Corey Sheldon
Personal Information
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Home: Virginia,USA
Fedora Information
FAS name: linuxmodder
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IRC nick: linuxmodder
IRC channels: #fedora #fedora-ambassadors #fedora-commops #fedora-security #fedora-security #fedora-security-team #fedora-gsoc #fedora-docs #fedora-mktg #fedora-freemedia #fedora-join #fedora-summer-coding
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About Me:

My name is Corey Sheldon, formerly used the FAS / IRC nick corey84. I'm a 32 year old California native and presently reside in Nation's Capital suburbs (N. Virginia, USA). I am very interested in youth projects like as well as breaking down walls & stereotypes about what someone can / should do regardless of the subject matter.

I presently work with the following subprojects here within the Fedora Project since Nov 2014.

  • FamNA -- Ambassadors, North America -- August 2015 - May 2017, with first event being FossCon 2015.
  • Docs -- with a emphasis on getting guides updated.
  • Security Team -- Learning best practices and spreading the word.
  • Infrastructure team -- Again mostly to learn and help out debug things as I love finding broken things and analyzing them.
  • Marketing / Social -- Kinda feel into place with other aspects of CommOps.
  • CommOps -- Helping with Hackathons and the like, and CommunityBlog / FedoraMagaine.
  • Join -- Doing the obvious what's next for new comers, some overlap with Commops.
  • Magazine / Mktg -- Tied into Commops stuff.
  • Freemedia -- Helping those that otherwise may not have access to Install media get it 'free to them'. How can one use the goodness of Fedora, when they can't even get hands on it right?
  • QA/fedorabugs -- Did I not say I love finding broken things?

I also help with local community events, mostly centered on Mental Illness awareness/care and Open Source. A Sampling below:

  • NAMI (Facebook page, Local NoVA chapter walk/fundraiser volunteer 3 years running).
  • BestBuddies (VA & MD) -- walk volunteer in MD and assorted tasks including Campus Buddy tasks in VA.
  • CityGate -- Had to back off a little for scheduling conflicts -- mostly maintaining 9 remote sites and HQ main server/refurb hardware for k-12 students in depressed areas (commonly called 'wards', 'ghettos')
  • Ameridea -- my startup which I sadly have had to sideline on account of time and funds. Ameridea | Ameridea on Github
  • Mozilla bug team (mostly thunderbird and firefox) Mozillian Page

My Events

  • BSIDES DC 2016
  • BSIDES NC 2016
  • CarolinaCON 2015
  • FOSSCON 2015 / FOSSCON 2016
  • LISA 2015 / LISA 2016
  • BITCAMP (UMD/2016)
  • Mentor, GSoC 2016

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