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Nikolai Husung

About Me

Hello, I'm Nikolai Husung and I come from Germany. At the moment I'm in the last year of the Gymnasium and would like to study Informatics and Physics at university afterwards. At school I had severeal years Informatics and learned Python partly by the teacher, partly by myself. Later I learned C# to develop my own executables at Windows. Long time I was interested in Open Source and tested different Linux-Distributions. But now I'm happy with Fedora and would like to participate in the community. I hope to be beneficial for others by translating parts of the wiki, the documentation or some other parts into German, my mother tongue. Perhaps I would like to help by developing programs but I will see if there is any project I or my knowledge in Python / C# could be useful.



Interests / Knowledge

  • Python

- Tkinter
- multiprocessing
- threading
- communicating with files
- sys

  • C#

- Mono
- System [.Windows.Forms; .Drawing; .Collections.Generic; .Threading]

  • C++ (I'm not as fast and effective as I wish)
  • HTML + CSS (I know a bit more than the basics)
  • XML (I have understood the way of storing data and learned a bit about creating an "own markup language"
  • MySQL, SQL