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Nick Thom
Nick Thom
Personal information
Location: Athens, Greece
Birthday: 1976
GPG-Key: D7CCB465
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FAS-Name: nickth
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Nick Thom


My name is Nick Thom from Greece, I'm 38 years old and I live in Athens. I deal with PCs and occasionally smartphones, because I like it. It's one of my hobbies. I'm working on Linux since 2010. Self taught, I became a Linux enthusiast, learning new things every day. Currently, three operating systems sitting on my primary machine of use, which is a Laptop Acer Aspire 5733:

  1. Fedora
  2. Arch Linux
  3. Debian

Discovering the "real" Fedora

  • I discovered the real Fedora almost recently. I knew about the distribution and the community, but until recently it was running on a virtual machine only. Since version 20 (and from the day one it was released), I have installed it on a mechanical hard drive that I have, mostly because I wanted to see the behavior of the system on a real hardware (and not on a virtual one). As I was seeing, learning and discovering the "real" Fedora, what impressed me more, was the speed and stability (as opposed on what I've heard or read about!).
  • Eventually, I decided to transfer the installation on my primary SSD and now is my primary Operating System.
  • Last but not least, what also impressed me was this, I can say rigorous, principle about the Open Source software and content. The four foundations was the first page I did read, on wiki.

Activities within Fedora


Ask Fedora

  • Currently participating in Ask Fedora helping users solving various problems, both on English and Greek sections.
  • I'm also a Forum moderator helping this community's driven project, to function as well as possible.

Blog about Fedora

  • I have set up a blog dedicated to Fedora, in the site/area that was offered to me for free, by the Fedora Project. The articles are written in Greek language and only the titles and a brief summary is written in English. The blog can be found here.

Social Media


  • I produce some Videos about Fedora. Tutorials mostly, about various matters. All of the videos are in Greek language (sorry English listeners) and you can track them at my Youtube channel, also at Internet Archive.

Updates Testing

  • I participate testing various packages, before they pushed on stable repository. Thereby, I'm becoming a part of the Fedora testers and Quality Assurance group. You will find my comments and karma points at Fedora's testing system.


Wiki Localization

  • Translating various Wiki pages, the ones I consider most important. You can see all of my work on Wiki, by visiting this page.

Contribution Commitment

Contribution commitment is a very difficult matter, when it comes to devote your time. In the past I have devoted much time contributing at various FLOSS projects/distributions (Ubuntu, Arch Linux...etc) and I continue on some of them.

Usually, I'm picking what I want to work on, and I dedicate my self there.

  • Helping users solving various problems is one of my hobbies, so It will not be difficult for me to contribute on Ask Fedora.
  • Another area I'm interesting is Wiki Localization. Most of users they know to read English, but reading an article at their own (native) language, I think is more comfortable(apart that serves the global perspective of Fedora Project).
  • Updates Testing is enabled on my Fedora box anyway. Thus, I will use the Package-x-generic-16.pngfedora-easy-karma to give feedback on bodhi and help to ensure the stability of packages.

I can do a commitment devoting 2-4 hours per week, on aforementioned contribution areas.

Participation at events, also is not a problem. As a "normal" person, I consider that physical contact is more constructive than a Web/Internet one.


You can find me on as NickTh, usually on channels: #fedora-ask , #fedora-qa, and #fedora-el (if I'm marked as being away, don't hesitate to ping me).



Other Contacts

You can also find me at the following social media:

Favorite phrase

Don't Leave for Tomorrow What You Can Do Today