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Proposal topic

Sponsoring process for new maintainer should improve, so no unnecessaries mail may be sent and the usage of FAS2 may be simplified for the sponaor.


If you want to add a new fedora contributor to the packager group, you can enter the name of the new contributor on FAS and press the add to group button. In this cas a mail will be generate, which tells you, that someone is searched as a sponsor. But as a sponsor you will press the 'add to group' button, because you will sponsor a new contributor.

Problem space

On the currently unncessaries mails will be sent and the usage of the UI is inconvience.

Solution Overview

If someone press the 'add to group' button and has sponsorship rights, no mail should sent to Instead the new contributor may be sponsors imendiately. Of course, we can discuss to add a confirmation step for this process, but we should not sent a mail to

Active Ingredients

FAS2 infrastructure team should invole to implement the necessaries changes to FAS2


  • Reduce of unnecessaires mail on
  • Simplified UI

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