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Your Name and Surname

I AM THE SPYMAN. and i am here to help you be freed from greed and just plain slow and annoying operating systems. such os the one i cannot name. but we all know what one im talking about:)


Activities within Fedora

  • Some words about your involvement in Fedora, your plans, ideas, etc.
  • For example, if you are into translations, the languages you are working on; if you are into docs, the docs you are interested in, etc.

Welcome to the Fedora project. here you will find information about fedora, what i aim for. and what i am trying to do ( or have done) for fedora.

first off, let me introduce myself. i am the one known simply as spy, the spy or spyman if you like. any of the three will do just fine. i am rather new to the fedora project...but i do plan on big things for fedora. those are classified at this current point in time :p.

you are welcome to shoot me an email or whatever one you feel like using works fine.

I personally plan to do a large part by getting the word of fedora out there. and as many copies as i can to anyone who would take the time top just listen..listen to the binary language lol. no seriously. fedora is a great thing to have. you should have it too. want it? just check out our main page and you can find all the links you'll need. enjoy:)