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Best practises for mass-filing bugzilla tickets

  • First, just don't. Opening a pile of tickets is rarely the best way to reach maintainers who are often already overwhelmed by tickets, many of them auto-filed from other things which also shouldn't be opening tickets.
  • If you really think you need to do so, first make an announcement on the devel-announce@ mailing list. Be sure to explain clearly what needs changing. Include two lists of packages that need fixing, one list indexed by package name and one by maintainer/comaintainer ID. (We need a tool to do this automatically.) Posting to the list gives everyone time to discuss the proposed changes in one place instead of fragmenting discussion off in a pile of random tickets, and also gives those with a bit of spare time the chance to go in and help out fixing things instead of having to sit in front of a web browser waiting for bugzilla.
  • Repeat the announcement after a week, and preferably again a week after that. Make sure to actually update the lists of packages that need fixing _and_ update the clear explanation of what needs changing based on previous discussion. If this is so urgent that it can't wait for a few weeks, someone didn't plan ahead. (Or it's some huge security problem, in which case ignore all policy with claxons blaring.)
  • Now, you should hopefully be down to only a small set of packages which haven't been fixed. Now you can file tickets. Be sure to include the clear explanation of what needs fixing in each ticket.