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This wiki page shows the progress of including WildFly in Fedora.

More info: http://wildfly.org/

Current progress

Table below shows what is officially submitted to Fedora (after creating review request).

# Package Version Review request Packager Status Comments
1 jetbrains-annotations 15.0 RHBZ #1328062 gil In Rawhide wildfly-common build dependency
2 wildfly-common 1.1.0.Final RHBZ #1328063 gil In Rawhide Available also in F24
3 wildfly-elytron 1.0.2.Final RHBZ #1328064 gil In review
4 wildfly-build-tools 1.1.6.Final RHBZ #1328065 gil In review

Table below shows what is necessary upgrade.

# Package Version Feature Request Packager Submitter Status Comments
1 slf4j-jboss-logmanager 1.0.3.GA RHBZ #1340406 asaf gil NEW patch available

Status legend

Status Meaning
Issue Package encountered a serious issue while packaging (license, etc) - see Comments field for more info.
Skipped Package submitted by accident or not required anymore.
Waiting for review Package is submitted for review and ready to be reviewed. Feel free to pick this package and do the review.
In review Package is submitted for review and being reviewed by someone.
After review, waiting for SCM Package passed review and packages is waiting for creating git repo in Fedora for this package.
In Rawhide Package is available in Rawhide. Yay! This means also that the package was submitted to Fedora 17 as an update.