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  • Name: Yaakov M Nemoy
  • Talk title: Using Git
  • Abstract: Git comes with a bunch of advanced features that are pretty simple to use. This presentation will cover a simple explanation of gits internals and how git works on top of them. With this background it wil be easy to understand the more advanced features of git. Towards the end, there will a focus on usage standards for the Fedora Project. It is assumed that you have used git before, and are familiar with the very basics. The presentation will be given auf Deutsch also pass auf.
  • Bio: Yaakov M Nemoy (loupgaroublond on IRC) has been a Linux user since the end of 2001. He's used Linux full time since 2003, and began working on the Fedora Project since 2007 when he was hired by Red Hat as an intern. Since then he has drank so much of the Red Hat Kool-aid that he is irrecoverably insane. He currently is moving to the Netherlands, and is multilingual. He currently works on the Haskell SIG, Fedora Devshell, and EKG.

Wenn jemand die Zeit hätte, könnt er so schön sei und dieses Seite nach Deutsch übersetzen? Ich werde wenig Zeit über die folgende Woche haben, deswegen kann ich mich nicht vorstellen das ich so punktlich die hier befertigen.--[[User:ynemoy|ynemoy]] 19:24, 21 May 2009 (UTC)