Fedora Free Media Request Form

To request ONE copy of Fedora DVD or Live Media by mail, please fill out ALL the following informations:

Region (Where your country belongs to)
Full Name
Release Fedora 24
Media (If you are unsure, choose i386)
Address Line1(Door no, Street name)
Address Line2(Locality, City)
Address Line3(State, Postal Code/Zipcode)
Address Line4
Now you will be taken to another page. DON'T CHANGE anything there.
Just scroll down and press "Submit Ticket" at the bottom of the page.


1. One CD/DVD per person per release.
2. Any duplicate requests will result in rejection of all your requests.
3. Please note, Your request may or may not be accepted by the program based on our Capacity.
4. Make sure to use Universal Postal Union Standard Address including Postcode and Country.
    Otherwise we can not accept your request!
5. To comply with GPL, Source Code on media is available upon request.