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Discjame Fedora Silverblue 38

We're so glad you've decided to give Fedora Silverblue a try. We know you'll love it.

RELEASE DATE: martars 18 di Avrîl dal 2023

Silverblue 38 ISOs for ARM have been delayed - but you can still download/install the above 37 release, and then rebase , while this is being fixed.

Par sistemis Intel e AMD x86_64

Fedora Silverblue 38OSTreeiso

Par sistemis ARM® aarch64

Fedora Silverblue 37OSTreeiso

Par sistemis Power ppc64le

Fedora Silverblue 38OSTreeiso

O cjapìn sul seri la sigurece

Une volte discjamade une imagjin, viôt di verificâle sedi pe sigurece e che pe integritât.

Calcolant la sume di control de imagjin sul to computer e confrontantle cun chê origjinâl, tu puedis verificâ che la imagjin no vedi subît modifichis o che e sedi corote. Lis imagjinis a son ancje firmadis cun pgp cu lis clâfs di Fedora, par dimostrâ la lôr integrât.

Fâs clic sul boton di verifiche par otignî istruzions smiradis pal to discjariament.

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